Typical errors people make when lodging their own tax returns

Whenever you’re filing your very own tax return in Melbourne, it’s easy to overlook or omit crucial information. Privately filed tax returns are audited more often with this reason. While lots of those possible mistakes might not have catastrophic implications, they might cause considerable headaches with regards to money and time. Listed below are four common mistakes to look out for to prevent it from occurring.

Mistake .1 – not checking your information

Utilizing the pre-fill function to populate forms and fields with your ATO information can save time, but you should never accept it without carefully checking every field. Whilst the details are most likely true, even a little spacing error might cause the incorrect information to be relayed. In case your present and past info don’t fit in certain fields, you might be audited.

Mistake .2 – Not planning your personal and public healthcare documentation

Before filing, ensure you’ve accurate and certified documentation regarding your healthcare claims made within the tax period, whether it was through Medicare or private supplier. Only relay information which appears on these documents to ensure you get the correct rebate.

Mistake .3 – Not studying your personal situation thoroughly

When there’s anything you’re not entirely sure about seeing your tax situation, we recommend you seek a private judgment to describe if you’re effective at making sure claims. You may fill in a form online and the ATO will respond will relevant advice to your situation. Should the situation be flagged at a subsequent stage, you might use this correspondence as protection.

Mistake .4 – Not keeping tabs on receipts/spending

When filing your very own tax return in Melbourne, it’s best to keep a track of all relevant receipts. You’d be surprised how several tiny purchases can add up when tallied within a tax period. Nevertheless, there’s a limit involved that limits your capability to claim above a certain amount — and in certain instances, claiming without receipts. Consequently, in case you’re only providing the total, you’ll want to be capable to demonstrate how you calculated your final figure.

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