At Accountancy Matters, our clientele can expect more than the average accounting firm. When dealing with our team of technical excellence, you can expect to receive:

  • Personalised service second to none, we aim to educate our clientele so they can understand all aspects of their tax situation.
  • Formulating and strategizing a plan for the future in order to minimise subsequent tax liabilities.
  • Fast and efficient work turnaround.
  • Communication throughout the entire process.
  • Exemplary work quality with over 65 years of collective experience throughout the firm.
  • Competitive pricing.

Our Services

Our Services include but are not limited to


Bookkeeping is an essential part of any organisation and although bookkeeping is a very tedious / labour intensive process, there are measures we can put in place in order to nullify this. By using a program such as Xero, labour costs to prepare the books are drastically reduced (recommended for organisations with a large volume of transactions), however organisations with a low number of transactions may not find the extra costs of running such a program justified.

By having an in house book-keeper our firm allows the following advantages:

  • Information / communication happens directly between the accountant and bookkeeper, without the need for the client to act as an intermediary
  • Books are prepared exactly as specified by the accountant, saving on accounting fees and improving quality / accuracy.
  • Quality control measures used by Accountancy Matters can be undertaken by both the accountant and bookkeeper.
  • Our clientele are able to deal with a single point of contact (their accountant) making it much easier / convenient for our clientele.

Our bookkeeping services are available from $70 / hour.

Taxation / BAS / Accounting

Whilst tax returns, BAS and preparation of financial statements are all legal compliance issues, they should be thought of as more than just something that has to be done. They should be looked at as an opportunity to save the business money and analyse any inefficiencies inherent within the business. Whether this be through eliminating bottlenecks, repricing products or evaluating current entity structures.

As opposed to other firms which use a firm wide tax license (allowing unlicensed acountants to prepare compliance work), all accountants at Accountancy Matters are tax agents within their own right (in addition to the firms license), ensuring accountancy and advice of the highest standard.

Business start up / structure advice & registration:

Starting your own business can be an overwhelming experience!

By sitting down and formulating a step by step plan, we can make this experience as easy and worry free as possible.

Having the right systems in place can improve your business’s efficiently greatly and by implementing a stuctured plan, we can lead your business to wherever you wish to take it.

The right entity structure is also very important, different structures have different advantages / drawbacks, and choosing the right structure for your business can save you a lot of tax, offer you the flexibility you require or reduce your reporting requirements (for more info on choosing the right business please see our blog on “the laymans guide to choosing the right business structure”).

As well as advising on the correct business structure, we can also register the structure for you (or show you how to register yourself should you so wish).

Business Development Strategies / Managerial Accounting:

Accountancy Matters specialises in small to medium entities, and has such has a plethora of experience in helping businesses grow. Whether you want to break into another market, increase your current sales volume or just maximise the efficiency of your current marketing strategy(s), Accountancy Matters is here to help. An important consideration in the growth of your business is deciding where your budget is best spent to maximise growth. Management Accounting is a good method to help with such decisions. By calculating break even points, expected return rates and implementation costs, we can create invaluable information to help us with our decision making.

Investment Advisory

The age old saying “money makes money” rings very true.

Deciding where to invest your money can be a very important and lucrative decision. Some factors to consider when investing your money include the level of risk you wish to take, the return on your investment, tax savings and the liquidity requirements of your money.

Depending on the above requirements, we can recommend where best to invest your money, whether it be:

  • High interest savings accounts
  • Blue chips stocks
  • High risk stocks
  • Rental property
  • Property development
  • Your own business
  • Government bonds

Accountancy Matters has comprehensive experience with property development and can assist you with the entire process, whether this be financing, council approval, building, selling etal.

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