Procrastination, the power of now.


Procrastination, the power of now.


Whilst we all consider ourselves quite capable individuals, even the best of us suffer from a syndrome called procrastination.

We generally think success is reserved for the smartest, most talented individuals, however this is not the case, not by a long shot.

Whilst talent and skill can help tremendously, it accounts for maybe 20% of your overall success, the biggest factor in your success is the hard work and effort one puts in.

Hard work beats talent 100% of the time (in most circumstances).

Procrastination is the route of all evil and is the creator of mediocrity, if one can abolish this unproductive trait from one’s lifestyle, they are almost destined for success.

Procrastination comes in many shapes and forms, ie:

-Constant social media checking
-Television watching
-Unnecessary tidying/cleaning
-Excessive talking
-Unnecessary walking
-Lying in bed without getting ready
-Excessive time in the shower during the mornings
-Excessive time eating
-Unnecessary phone calls
-Internet searching/youtube etc

By abolishing all the above, we free our time and become more productive.

We always complain we are busy, too tired etc, but are we really too busy? or are we just too busy procrastinating?

Limit your procrastination, force yourself to stop unnecessary procrastination and you will find yourself productive beyond your wildest dreams.

Stop procrastination by doing the following:

-Have cold showers in the morning
-Listen to motivational speeches/music
-Read motivational books about people you find inspiring
-Watch motivational movies about inspiring individuals
-Write a to do list and tick each task off upon completion
-Automate menial tasks
-Go on holidays/travel
-Spend time on yourself
-Associate yourself with persons whom inspire you
-Delete negative persons from your life
-Write a short term/medium/long term goal list
-Write a list of the necessary steps to achieve your above goals, and tick off one by one.

Procrastination is not just limited to accountants Melbourne but to everyone, all you need to remember is the following, there is no past, there is no present, the time is now.

If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow will never come.

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