Crypto tax

Crypto accountants

Accountancy Matters has several accountants with specific experience in crypto tax / bitcoin tax.

Due to our client base having a large amount of crypto traders, crypto tax is an area in which we specialize in and devote a lot of resources keeping up to date with all new crypt tax publications and rulings.

In addition to this, we spend a lot of time into liaising directly with ATO and discussing various crypto tax scenario’s with ATO and obtaining private rulings.

Further to this we have devised many ways and strategies to make crypto tax compliance simpler (and automated) for our clientele and have many strategies in place to minimise the tax payable on crypto currencies.

Our crypto accountant team caters for:

  • Crypto traders
  • Crypto miners
  • Crypto investors
  • Arbitrage profits
  • ICO profits
  • Businesses accepting / making payments using crypto currency.

Our crypto accountant team are active in the crypto market and regularly trade / invest.

We have large network of clients who regularly discuss crypto currencies and hold regular meetings to discuss crypto / crypto tax.

Please watch the below video for an insight to frequently asked crypto tax questions:

If you feel that our crypto accountant team can help you, please contact us on (03) 8658 0726.