BAS Preparation Guide



Include items such as:

  • income from services
  • sales (taxable, GST free and input taxed)
  • income from sales of equipment/assets
  • income from rent/subscriptions.
  • interest received
  • business related government grants
  • forfeited lay-buys/deposits from clientele

Do not include:

  • ATO payments
  • internal bank transfers
  • director loans (ie non-business related income (private sales, income from hobbies, gifts, personal wages, non-business related government benefits etal)
  • distributions from partnership/trusts
  • dividends


Put in all the GST included in items reported at G1.



  • All non-capital expenditure



  • All capital expenditure (expenditure which is expected to provide us with benefits for more than one year)
  • Note: for entities with an expected turnover less than 1 million, capital items costing $1,000 or less may be reported at G11

 Do not include:

  • wage expense
  • superannuation payments
  • directors loans/private expenditure
  • internal bank transfers
  • ATO payments
  • items for which GST has already been accounted for (ie car leases where the full GST would have been claimed in the year of purchase (hire purchase), the repayments would be discluded from G10)


GST on all items reported at G10 and G11.


Total in house wages paid in the period.


Total PAYG withholding on wages reported at W1.

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