Accountancy Matters was formed in order to fulfill a niche within the Australian accounting industry.
Our mission statement is simple, to provide the best personalized customer service of any firm within Australia throughout our target market.

Accountancy Matters is a new age firm which places a large emphasis on automation and implementing systems/technologies to streamline all accounting and book keeping processes.

Automating / streamlining your accounting processes allows your accountant to spend more time on value adding activities such as advisory and less on low value activities such as data entry. In addition, costs can be reduced (or redirected to more beneficial activities), accuracy increased, turnaround times decreased, audits simplified and more importantly, easier to access data, in order to analyse your business’s health.

We aim not only to guide/mentor our clientele throughout the accounting/taxation process, but also to maximize the wealth of our clientele by providing advice on all facets of their financial/business affairs.

By specializing in Small to Medium Entities and Individual clientele, we are able to provide unrivaled advice within our client base and understand our clients needs down to the most meticulous detail.


James Mav
James Mav
(03) 86580726

In addition to his extensive experience within the accounting/finance industries, James has run many successful businesses from a very young age.

James’s specialties include:

-SME clientele
-High net wealth individuals
-Self Managed Super Funds
-Business optimization/automation/streamlining

-FBAA member (M-328620)
-ATI member (107298)
-Registered tax agent (24693669)
-IPA member (271524)
-IPA public practice certified
-IFA member (IPA 271524)
-CPA member (9787346 (ASA))
-Dip finance/mortgage broking
-Dip Book-keeping


Oksana Nikulina
Oksana Nikulina
(03) 86580726

Oksana’s enthusiasm and knowledge base is a great asset to Accountancy Matters. Oksana has a plethora of experience with a large range of industries such as:

-Medical industry

She specializes in tax advice solutions, dealing with taxation law matters (private rulings, early engagement letters, objections, etc) and has a comprehensive understanding of Xero (along with correlating accounting treatment(s)).

Oksana has worked with James extensively and has a very similar skillset which also broadens into mortgages and asset finance.


Sunia Moala
Sunia Moala
Book Keeper
(03) 86580726

Sunia is a book keeper/CPA with over 5 of experience and has worked together with James for the majority of these.

Sunia’s skill set is unique in the fact he also has extensive book keeping experience and is able to integrate his accounting and book keeping knowledge to guide and advise small to medium entity’s on all facets of their business dealings.

Sunia’s specialty’s include:

-Data entry
-Bank reconciliation
-Receipt bank integration

Hana Goodman
Hana Goodman
Accountant/Book keeper
(03) 8658 0726

Hana is our resident Xero expert A.K.A gun.

Hana’s specializes in analyzing data in order to provide real time analytics and advice for Small to Medium Sized entities.
Hana’s skillset is very specialist and encompasses all things Xero and book keeping related:
-Xero set up
-book keeping
-business analytics/advisory
-book keeping automation
-Xero training
Bcomm (accounting) / Xero certified
Alex Sun
Alex Sun
Junior Accountant/book keeper

Alex is an eager to learn young accountant with a good background in book keeping.

Alex is an asset to our team and with a keen eye for detail.

Alex’s skill set includes:

-book keeping
-Xero set up
-BAS lodgement

Accountancy Matters
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