ccountancy Matters is a unique accounting firm in Melbourne suburb of Prahran, with an especially high focus on customer service. By implementing systems to automate menial book keeping tasks, your accountant can spend more time advising your business and focusing on business growth.

Automating your book keeping means that a more proactive approach can be taken to running your business as opposed to being on the “back foot” trying to keep up with compliance tasks.

Our approach is designed to free your valuable time, in order for you to focus on more value adding activities and allowing you to do, what you do best.

We are the first Accounting firm Melbourne to implement an automation guide for our clients, which enables us to provide customer service levels unheard of within the Australian accounting industry.

Our Accountants specialize in Small to Medium sized Entities / Individual clientele, which enables us to provide unrivaled efficiency, advice and accountancy throughout our target market.

By aiming to achieve a closer relationship with our client database as opposed to the largest database around, we can more closely assist our clients in fulfilling their financial goals.

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We Value Our Clientele

We strive to achieve an environment where our clientele feel like more than just a number. We constantly look for ways in which to benefit our clientele rather than just handle their compliance at end of year. Client relationships are extremely important to our firm and our service attitude reflects this.


In today’s environment, innovation and change are essential ingredients in remaining at the top of one’s field. By harbouring an environment of discussion, ideas sharing and spreading our knowledge through various industries we have been involved in, we can work together to innovate, formulate, plan and execute the finest strategy to steer all businesses in the right direction for success.


Communication is a key ingredient in all relationships in our lives. Without clear communication, trust cannot be built nor can the needs and wants of our clients be met and exceeded. By providing clear communication channels between us and our clientele, we can foster the best possible outcome for our clients.


We believe that a thriving community fosters the perfect environment for thriving businesses. We try to be involved in our community in whichever way possible, whetehr this be through sponsoring local atheletes, community fundraisers etc. Should any of our clientele wish to be involved as well, we provide a way and means for them to participate should they so desire.



If you are serious about maximizing your tax return, look no further! Other accountants don’t compare to the great service you get from Accountancy Matters, and at such a reasonable price! You shouldn’t need to turn to anyone else, thanks team.

Heidi Stromer
Professional Footballer,

As a professional dancer and dance teacher I had a lot of components to deal with in lodging my sole trader tax return. James was able to break it down clearly so that I understood the process and what was required. Without James, I wouldn’t have known about half the deductions I was entitled to! I am extremely happy with the service, and with the return he was able to help me receive.

Bethany Conroy
Dance Teacher,

I went to Accountancy Matters on a recommendation of a friend, I’m soo glad I did. After doing my tax they also fixed my resume free of charge, James was soo helpful.

Antonio M Marcos

As a young professional who was at first unsure of the tax return process, I was astounded by the level of personal detail and professionalism. Accountancy Matters has ensured a lifelong client. Brilliant from start to finish, and I recommend them without the slightest reservation.

Daniel Kleviansky

I am a full time graphic designer who does a small portion of freelance work on the side throughout the year. I was quite confused about the tax return process to begin with, but Accountancy Matters made the process simple and straightforward. I would happily recommend Accountancy Matters to any friend or person with tax or accounting needs.

Nick Thorne
Graphic Designer,

I did a complex individual tax return with Accountancy Matters. Professional advice by james given at that time therefore i understand every little detail regarding my Taxation issues. Good price and great customer service. Very happy with my returns. Highly recommended!!

Sandy Ramdan


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[…] Accountancy Matters is a small accounting firm in Melbourne, with an especially high focus on customer service. We provide not only tax minimization strategies but also wholistic wealth creation strategies, as can be experienced by our finance / property investment arm.  […]

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