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Boost Your Marketing Power: Accountancy Matters Trials Piggyback marketing


Unfortunately most small businesses do not have the luxury of multi-million dollar advertising budgets and as such are restricted to low-cost advertising mediums.

One way of getting around this is Piggy-back marketing. By teaming up with a large organisation and pooling resources, the restriction to merely low-cost advertising mediums is effectively lifted.

In order for piggy-back marketing to be effective the following criterion must be satisfied:

-Both corporations must be targeting a similar audience

-Each party must receive a benefit from the arrangement

-There must be no component of competition between the entities

A great example of piggyback back marketing is jointly hosted events. Not only can a large audience be reached but events can also be held which benefit our community.

Ideally both entities should have the same ideals and be working together to achieve similar sub-goals (although the main goal may be different)(i.e green companies working together with environmentalists).

With small business being a priority for both Accountancy Matters and an undisclosed MP representing our local seat in the house of representatives, a successful synergy representing both our causes was achieved.

Piggybackmarketing.JPG - small

Accountancy Matters joining forces with our local Member of parliament to help boost small business and increase brand awareness

By piggybacking in such a manner, we were able to target a much larger audience range than normally possible (attracting clientele to the firm with the same goals as Accountancy Matters), as well as swing potential voters by providing another perspective/opinion regarding the differences to small businesses under the differing political parties.

All in all a very successful outcome.

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